What Do Gutters Do for Your Bucks County Home?

Gutters, also known as rain gutters, are the channels or U-shaped pipes attached to the side of a building, designed to stop water from running off the edge of the roof and instead divert it away from the building to a more suitable area. There are many reasons why it is undesirable to have water running off the edge of the roof. Here we explain what gutters do and give some of the many reasons why people want to install them:

Without gutters, water runs off the edge of the roof and, without good drainage, can pool around the edge of the house. This can cause water to seep under the house where it can flood basements or damage foundations. In heavy rain this can even flood the ground floor if it pools enough, while even in the lightest rain it can flood walkways causing unsightly puddles and possible damage. Bucks County gutters also prevent water damage to walls - wooden walls can rot, painted walls can fade and just about any wall can become dirty from splashback as the water hits the ground and splashes soil and dirt onto the wall. Dirty walls not only look bad but can eventually become damaged from rot. Even brick walls can be damaged from water - either through damp, leaking or ice damage in cold climates.

Allowing water to flow from the roof is another function of gutters, as it prevents water damage to the roof, particularly flat roofs where water can build up and eventually leak into the house. (Most flat roofs are not actually flat and instead are built on a slight incline - usually you will see a hole in one corner where water can drain out, either to a gutter or some other kind of outlet or drainpipe).

Gutters prevent water damage to the ground directly under the roof. If water is left to flow off the edge of the roof, it will wash away any soil underneath and kill any plants that are growing there. Even if it's only falling on concrete, it will usually leave an unsightly stain. Of course it's not only soil and plants under the roof but people too! Sometimes, especially in the case of larger, commercial buildings, gutters are installed to keep people dry as they walk along the side of the building.

Buildings in very dry areas or with particularly good drainage (due to the geographical or landscaping situation) may not need gutters, especially if the roof is very overhanging.

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